More From Martha Wells

Thanks to everyone who joined us for July’s discussion of The Cloud Roads, by Martha Wells!  There seemed to be some interest about the other books in Wells’ “Books of the Raksura” series, so I’m linking to information about them here, for easy reference!

After “The Cloud Roads,” the other books in the Raksura series are:

The Serpent Sea (book 2)

The Siren Depths (book 3)

And then two novellas, Stories of the Raksura:  Volume 1 and Volume 2.  Several of the short stories collected along with the novellas in these volumes are also available to read (for free!) on Martha Wells’ website.

You might also want to check out Wells’ Ile-Rien series (which features novels set in the same quasi-European setting, with loosely-connected characters, across several centuries), or one of Wells’ stand-alone fantasy novels (City of Bones or Wheel of the Infinite), all of which feature more terrific world-building and character development.


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